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History of Arayat, Pampanga

Among the first towns of Pampanga in Central Luzon is called Arayat, but the origin of the term is shrouded in mist. Some say the word derives from dayat or dayatan, which in the local language means irrigation of rice lands during the dry season. Only later did Arayat appear in speech.

    Mayor’s Welcome Message

    The Municipal Government of Arayat website is designed to be a venue to improve the public’s communication with the local government of Arayat by promptly directing website guests or visitors to the services or information they are seeking, and by inviting the public to share ideas to improve the LGU. It links to every agency and to local, regional, provincial and national government in the Philippines and other places around the world. This vital portal document is finally implemented and intentionally created to be user-friendly, population and development–sensitive and climate change and disaster risk/ecosystem-conscious.


    Demographic Profile

    The municipality of Arayat has a total population of 133,492 as reported in the 2015 census (Philippine Statistical Authority). The number accounts for 0.06% of the provincial total population. Table 1 identifies the population and population densities of the barangays in

    Registered Business


    Residents as of 2020

    134.48 km2

    Land Area


    Tourist Spots in Arayat, Pampanga

    Official Website of the Municipality of Arayat