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Mission & Vision


“We envision Arayat to be a premier eco-tourism destination and to have a modernized agricultural sector as well as a vibrant, environment-friendly economy that fosters the quality of life of a God–fearing, disciplined and secured citizenry under a resolute, supportive leadership.”


  1. To invest in the development of Mt. Arayat National Park and build a theme park that will focus on our culture and the arts and transform Arayat into a major tourism destination in the Philippines.
  2. To provide peace and order, protection, and safe-conduct to all investors, social, environmental protection, and disaster preparedness.
  3. To create a first-class business environment thru the implementation of Project BOSS – Business One Stop Shop.
  4. The Local Government Unit of Arayat will always be a catalyst and facilitator of development.
  5. To strengthen our commitment as public servants based on ethical standards and professionalism in the delivery of basic thrusts program and services.
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