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PHS Academic Break Now

PHS Students started this petition to Pampanga High School Admin/s

In line with recent happenings, from the prevailing pandemic until devastating disasters, — the essence of primary education is slowly fading. Students, Kapampangan students, are burdened with all the deadlines instilled despite the whole situation everyone is in.

We, Pampanga High School Students, stand in solidarity with the communities and our fellow students and teachers who are disproportionately affected and threatened by the natural calamities, and we demand equitable solutions to the crisis; therefore, we call for an IMMEDIATE ACADEMIC BREAK NOW.

We are signing this petition to request for an Academic Break to ease educational loads for students and teachers who are facing further inaccessibility to resources, mental breakdowns, economic uncertainties, being affected gravely by the disaster and different connection problems together with an unstable source of electricity.

We would like the Pampanga High School Admin/s to at least consider taking an Academic Break, respectively on November 23-27, and to enforce this action due to the growing fear among students and teachers that attend school. The ability to focus or concentrate is affected and the increasing concerns of the pandemic, together with the calamities and even more problems.

This Academic Break will benefit the whole community, specially those students and teachers who are affected by the disaster, this Academic Break will give us time and space to adjust and recover our health, well-being and utilities to be used for the modular learning.

We hope to come to an agreement as soon as possible promptly.

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